Is clutter blocking your energy?

I challenge you this week to look around your house and clear one area that has gotten a little cluttered over the summer. We get busy and things pile up and stagnate. Putting things back in order takes a little time but you’ll feel calmer in your space. You can breathe. You can settle in. Your energy will lift just looking around.

Perhaps there’s a counter with supplies out at the ready. A table with this week’s mail. A nightstand with tissues, hand lotion, and a few unread books. An entryway filled with boots, coats, and umbrellas. A bookshelf packed to overflowing. A desk with open files, a coffee cup, and surplus pens. A closet filled to overflowing.

To give you incentive, think of a place where you love to spend time – like a favorite restaurant. What makes you like being there besides the delicious food? The tablecloths match. The chairs are pushed in. The floor is clean. The walls are decorated but uncluttered. The bathroom is clean with all supplies in order. The colors are soothing. There’s a clean smell. The lighting is soft but effective. There isn’t a lot of stuff piled around! And when you’re there, your happiness blends with the harmony of the environment.

Compare that to an unkempt garage when you get your car inspected. A cluttered apartment of a friend. A dusty bookstore. Disorderly environments can make us feel edgy and uncomfortable. The funny thing is when you encounter clutter outside of your own space you hold your breath and move on as quickly as you can. The trouble in our own space is that the stuff is ours! It’s familiar. We know why we left it there. But too much stuff left in corners and on tabletops can make you feel depressed, out of control, anxious, and a little chaotic – even though you left the stuff out for a reason.

Our brains love harmony. Decluttering, clearing, and cleaning allow harmonious chi energy to flow around you. And you can always start small, say, moving a few books off that nightstand. Just do one thing 🙂

Sending you peace and love from the lovely state of Maine with one last glimpse of a late-blooming hydrangea. I love plant harmony!

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