The Room Around You

Last week, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see Matisse in the Studio. The exhibit shows the objects Matisse had on display in his studio and how they influenced his art. The exhibit was beautiful – which I expected. What I didn’t expect was an “ah ha” reminder of how important it is to surround yourself with things you think are cool, that make your happy, and that inspire you.

On the left is a part of a gorgeous “curtain” Matisse had in his studio to cover a large window. Imagine how the light in Nice, France would have beamed in through these cut-outs and how that might have inspired his cut-out art.







The exhibit included many more examples – vases, coffee urns, rugs, and furniture. The photos of Matisse in his studio show him surrounded by these pieces. On the walls, you see how they showed up in many forms in his art.

At a number of my talks on Organizational Zen, people have commented that they don’t have a place in their house that is just theirs. With all the space we have for stuff in our lives, do you have a place in your house or apartment where you make no compromises? Where you have furniture, objects, colors, or music that mean something to you and that you love having around?

If you don’t have a place that’s just yours, wouldn’t it be fun to make one?

If you’re lucky enough to have one, how’s it doing? Has stuff snuck in that’s not yours? Is there clutter you can clear out? Is there something that used to be a favorite that you like a little less today? While you’re thinking about cool space, how about the other folks in your house? If you’ve got kids, are you okay with them designing and having their own space, colors, and favorite things? I’m looking around my office as I write this, and I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll do a little re-organization. 🙂

Even if you’re not an artist, the stuff you have around you can bring you energy or drain your energy. I vote for BIG energy. For everyone. Everyday. I hope you find it in the room around you.

Here’s a little more art from the Matisse exhibit. The first two fabric pieces were on Matisse’s walls. The artists are unknown. The last two are by Matisse. Peace and joy from the wilds of Maine.

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2 thoughts on “The Room Around You

  1. My BIG energy for this day was a 90 minute Zumba Gold class in Medford, MA with 4 lovely ladies from our usual classes in Freeport. We were all sporting tee-shirts – team-shirts – which we cut, painted, fringed and so forth which drew compliments from other crazy ladies who’d come from CT, MA, and who knows where else. Grand to dance with others. Also grand to play with the crayons again. Inspired by our soul card session, I painted on… and on, and on… adding fun stuff right up until last night. (Will this paint dry, or will I have to break out the hairdryer?!)


  2. Oh, my gosh! I miss Zumba. I used to do Zumba at the Freeport Y and it made me grin ear-to-ear even when I was stumbling over my own two feet. I can picture you all at this class with your fancy shirts. THAT also makes me grin ear-to-ear. I hope you had glitter glue for those final touches :). Thanks for sharing a great story!


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