Finding your tribe

Yesterday, I drove 4-1/2 hours to Presque Isle, Maine for a one-hour class. Then I drove home again.

Why? Because John Cariani, a Broadway actor and author of the #1 most rented show in 2016, Almost Maine, was teaching a Master Class in writing. I knew I wouldn’t learn a lot in an hour of teaching, but I wanted to make the connection because John is part of the tribe I like to hang with.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten as an entrepreneur is to find other people who do what you do and figure out a way to hang out with them. If you like someone’s blog, read it, comment on it, and engage with the author at a conversational level. If you want to act, find other actors and figure out a way to hang out with them. If you want to write, join an association of writers or find people in your area who write and ask if they want to get together to talk.

Whatever you like to do, who is already doing it? And how can you connect with them?

Besides being fun and inspiring, the world works through connections. People like to share ideas with others who have the same interests. When someone enjoys something as much as you do, the joy is infectious. Joy = energy = good work.

And it’s fun. Well, driving 9 hours for a one-hour class isn’t fun, but the next show John is in – he opens with Tony Shalhoub on Broadway in The Band’s Visit this fall – you know I’m going to be there. And I’m going to tell my friends about it. And that will help support his work. And in the meantime, I’m going to be in touch to chat with him about writing for the theater because it’s something we both love…

Finding your tribe or tribes takes some thought, persistence, and a little daring. Doesn’t just thinking about that make you smile?

It’s daisy time in Maine… Lovely!

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2 thoughts on “Finding your tribe

  1. Janie! Today I started a week-long writing class at UW-Madison. This morning we talked for awhile about ‘our tribe.’ This entire day has been deja vu’ moments. Your post is another of these moments! Love it!


  2. #1 – How awesome that you are taking a writing class. You have the spirit of a poet and a healer. I wonder how that will come out in your writing.

    #2 – I love synchronicity. I feel like sometimes the Universe has to clock me over the head to notice something – so it offers up the same idea again and again till I finally pay attention. Yay! 🙂


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