The importance of showing up

Like any business, you have a brand. If your brand is strong, it might be “100% guaranteed.” Or “Always on time.” You may be known for having an open heart. A generous soul. A guaranteed laugh.

If your brand is feeling a little tarnished, you have the power to change that simply by showing up – physically and mentally. When you show up to a conversation, you listen with intent. When you show up to a function, you show up on time and fully take part. You make promises only when you know you can keep them.

You can spit-shine your brand by making things just a bit better, by doing something beyond what’s expected without looking for recognition or reward. You go to a party and bring something nice. Then you stay a few minutes after to help clean up. You straighten a pile in a store or put something back on a hanger. You pick up trash when you see it on the street. You listen when someone wants to talk. You remember a detail they tell you, and follow up on it. You meet someone new and say, “We should get together for coffee!” Then you make sure that happens.

If I can be broad about this, I think your brand is what connects you to the Universe, and I know it’s what connects you to your community. If you’re feeling a little disconnected from either, that’s a great clue that it’s time to turn in to yourself and think about what you can do to reach out. To make someone’s day a little better. To bring a little more joy and organization to the world.

It’s risky. There’s no guaranteed reward. People may think you’re strange. And it’s your brand. It’s the mark that you’ll leave here.

I hope you have a great day and a lovely weekend! I’ll leave you with a shot of Grace today. This one makes me laugh 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The importance of showing up

  1. Amen and amen! I think this is the Janie version of “Ring them bells!” and I so support that notion. And the photo of Grace is absolutely priceless! That tongue is definitely halfway to her sinuses! s:)


  2. Hi Sam. Even though I’m a deep believer in this concept, I still have to remind myself from time to time to drop other stuff I’m doing or thinking about to be in one place at one time! I think you and Maryellen are the perfect description of going the extra yard – for instance, bringing tangerines and water to rehearsal this week. You rock 🙂


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