The significance of choices

Is it too mysterious to think that for every major choice in your life where you headed off in a new direction that you also continued in the original direction?

That you simultaneously went to more than one college.

That you have your current friends and you have friends from that other life, the one you’re not living.

That you got divorced and you stayed with your ex.

That you had children and you didn’t have children.

That you had this career. And that one. And that one…

Could it be that each life you didn’t choose is full and lives on without you?

Sometimes I get glimpses. I settled down in Maine. No, I moved to NYC after college and became an actor. No, I stayed in the business world and became an executive. No, I hitchhiked through Europe, settled in Ireland, and live as a writer.

I feel the power of the choices I didn’t make hover around me when I meditate. I see them in my dreams. And I feel them in that half-awake time in the morning when my mind wanders and wonders.

I am peaceful with the choices I’ve made AND I listen to the voices that tell me other worlds exist because the threads of the unclaimed choices vibrate with the highest levels of energy for how I can best use my time.

What am I seeing? Create that.

What am I hearing? Listen to those voices.

What am I feeling? Head off in the direction my intuition tells me to turn.

When you make time and you’re quiet, you stumble on energy threads. And you’ll know when you’ve got one because the Universe starts to vibrate. Doors open. Smiles emerge. Joy deepens. And your best work begins.

Clearly, this is a day to ponder :). Perhaps I’m inspired by this poster I shot in the halls of the University of New Hampshire. I didn’t choose to go there and meet Timm Triplett. Or did I? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The significance of choices

  1. Other worlds, other universes… have you read Philip Pullman? GOLDEN COMPASS and the rest? Having a lovely time with BOOK OF DUST currently. I’m a young reader, right? s:)


    • Hi Sam. I LOVE the Golden Compass series. One of my favorites of all time. I listened to them on CD in the car when my girls were younger – then bought them to read them and really digest them. I feel like those windows are just around the corner, yes?? 🙂

      I have to check out Book of Dust. Someone else just told me about that, of course 🙂


  2. Thought provoking! Love it!

    And also along the lines of what I have been thinking about. ‘How did I get HERE? And how many choices did it take to be exactly where I am?’

    I remember a great Philosophy class in college, but then, EVERY DAY is a class in philosophy.

    Thank you for today’s inspiration!


    • Thanks, Gayle. Rob Schwartz’s books got me thinking about this concept. Since then, I’ve been trying to tune into the “vibes of another world.” I deeply believe we’re where we’re supposed to be, and doing what we’re supposed to be doing. Unless we aren’t :). Gotta love philosophy 🙂


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