I’m back!

It’s been almost a year since Covid bounced me off my writing path and I ended up back in Portland, Maine. It’s been an insightful year despite the restrictions of a pandemic. Before I left to travel and write, I got divorced, sold my house, and quit my job. So when I came back to Maine, I had no responsibilities and no agenda. What’s an organizer to do with no agenda?

I wrote – not the book I intended to write based on history and travel – but a book called Organizational Zen (which has the fun nickname of OZ!). OZ captures the essence of what I write about in this blog. How do you get to your best work? How do you stay calm amidst chaos? How do you remain joyful in the face of life’s many challenges and uncertainties?

This pandemic year has pushed many of us to question the priorities in our lives. What matters most to us? How is our time best spent? And hasn’t it made us deeply appreciative of our friends and family whom we haven’t been able to see and hug? Zoom has been a miraculous way to connect, but screen time is nothing like time in person. Humans are tribal. We thrive on community even if we’re the quiet one on the edge of a crowd.

Writing Organizational Zen reminded me of that, plus how cool a place the earth is to visit. My hope is that OZ helps other people find that insight and joy as well. The book has a loose format filled with thoughts, ideas, and questions followed by a series of exercises at the end of each chapter. In my writing, I tried to balance practical thinking – like decluttering, setting your intent, and getting to work, with chapters on joy, energy, community, and magic. An unexpected bonus to writing the book has been working with a terrific illustrator who has come up with inspired sketches to open each chapter. Collaborating on creative projects is da bomb!

My next step with OZ is to hold a series of online and maybe some in-person discussion groups to make sure the content and questions resonate. I’m going to set up the groups based on availabilities and interests.

Please drop me a line if you’d like to be part of a group.

There’s no fee to join. These groups will be super helpful to me, and I know we’re going to have some great, bonding discussions. These will start up in April.

Bottom line? We never know what’s coming next. We plan. We organize. And then we create within the spaces we’re given. It’s all learning. And it’s all good.

I’ll leave you today with the photo of a prism on my shower curtain. I make crystal light catchers to hang in my windows. The rainbows they bring in remind that beauty is everywhere – even in the air we breathe!

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I welcome your thoughts and ideas for future posts!

9 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Great to hear, Janie! I suspect I know that artist… Can’t wait to see it. I’m finally in the midst of launching my business, so I’m straight out with good things and won’t be able to take advantage of your generous offer. I do hope to hear about it, and suspect it will be fantastic! x Tyche


  2. Hi Janie! Its nice to hear from you. I’m in the middle of a creative project myself. I’ve been promoting Little Libraries on Instagram and Facebook with a virtual World tour. I am going to be featured in the April Street Library Australia newsletter! I’m working with the Vienna, VA historical society on an event “The Little Libraries of Vienna”. Your project sounds fascinating, hope all goes well. When things open up, we’d love to have you come stay for a visit here in VA.- Brenda and Joe


  3. Lovely to hear from you! I’ll figure out how to get hold of your book and yes, add me to your Zoom group! xoxosally

    On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 12:23 PM Organizational Habits wrote:

    > organizationalhabits posted: ” It’s been almost a year since Covid bounced > me off my writing path and I ended up back in Portland, Maine. It’s been an > insightful year despite the restrictions of a pandemic. Before I left to > travel and write, I got divorced, sold my house, and quit my” >


  4. Hi Janie!

    I am interested in your OZ discussion group!!

    Please include me. I work M-F and usually don’t find time on week nights to do much (feeling old and tired!) Is this something I could catch up with on the weekends? Perhaps because I am feeling old and tired, is why I’m interested in your teachings. I find you inspirational, and a good guide. I love how you share your gifts and I find you very uplifting.

    Feeling “Prickly in Portland”,



    • Hi Kate!

      The discussion groups are going to be on Tuesdays from 6-7:30, and on Thursdays from 4:00-5:30 and 6-7:30. Sounds like these might not work with your evening weekday energy? I don’t have anything planned on the weekends with this go-round. Sorry!!


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