Decluttering your life

If you get your house in order, and use a planner, and write everything down, and you STILL feel scattered and drained, it may be time to declutter the bigger commitments in your life.

It’s one thing to declutter your house. I’m not saying it’s easy, but you can do it – it’s within your control. Throw stuff out, buy less, put the stuff you have away. You can do that.

It’s quite another thing to declutter your life – to stop doing things that drain your energy, to move to a place that feels right to you, to change jobs, to walk away from friends and relationships that no longer work. This is difficult work. And it all starts with having the courage to look at what you do with your time.

Organizational Exercise:
Sorting out the commitments in your life

  • Look at a typical week or month and group what you do into “similar items” – just like you’d do if you were sorting out a drawer or cleaning out a closet.
  • Make a list of where you spend your time.
  • Consider each place, one at a time. Do you feel the energy in your body rise? Or drop? Are you smiling or grimacing as you think about this commitment?
  • Ask yourself: “Am I having fun?” Life isn’t all about having fun, but I can guarantee you that if you are not having fun, you’re probably not doing a great job at whatever it is you’re doing – whether that’s being a partner to someone, or serving on a committee, or attending a church or school, or going to club meetings that you’ve outgrown.

Look at your list. What stands out? If you’re snarky and disengaged, it’s time to go. Eliminating the low energy parts of your life will open you up to a universe of new choices. Take a deep breath and head in a new direction. You can use your time better.

Sending you organizational peace and love.

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