Is it time to take a baby step?

When making a change feels overwhelming, trust that if you take one baby step in a new direction, other steps will follow. This is true when you’re considering a new habit. Decluttering your house. Changing jobs. Or moving across the country!

One step… you make a decision.

One step… you’re facing in a new direction.

One step… you’re a tiny bit closer to a goal.

What’s vital is that you choose each step with intent. What do you want to get done in the long run? And what’s one small step you can take today to get going?

Something that’s fun about taking action is that when you make a positive change, other weird energy changes follow.

When I decided to move back to Virginia, my sister decided it was time for her to make a change as well. As I moved down from Maine, she started packing to move up from Atlanta!

My decision to spend more time writing with this move spurred a conversation with an old friend who is also a writer – and now we’re helping each other with editing.

And the energy of moving is generating new ideas and a joyous embrace of discovery and re-discovery just by being in my old hometown. And back with old friends, which is an amazing gift.

It might feel easier to keep doing what you’re doing. But if your body and mind are craving a change, pay attention! You have big power to make things happen in this world, step by baby step.

And there you go!

A dear friend left this for me at my new place in Virginia. She knows I don’t drink whisky, but who could resist this?? And it is Irish whiskey, after all. 

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