Things I’ve learned so far

I’m in a brainstormy mood tonight and decided to jot down things I’ve learned so far… Twenty was easy so I went to 30. Then I got to 33 which seemed like an odd number so I went to 35. The list was getting a little long but 35 seemed like a weird place to stop, so I rounded up to 40.

Thanks to all of my guides who are behind this list. Here we go.

  1. Be organized; don’t waste time.
  2. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.
  3. Be selective about what you eat.
  4. It’s easier to spend less than it is to make more.
  5. Your mind is a powerful tool.
  6. Figure out what the essential elements of your life are and figure out how to include them in your life every day.
  7. If it’s not fun, don’t do it.
  8. Exercise.
  9. Use your imagination every day.
  10. Ask for help.
  11. Do the things you love first in the day.
  12. Pay attention to chance encounters.
  13. Start conversations.
  14. Pay attention and act on your intuition.
  15. Get lots of sleep.
  16. Don’t take medicines that mask symptoms.
  17. Everyone has a story to tell.
  18. Try new things.
  19. Drink mostly water.
  20. Self-everything: publish, write songs, record songs.
  21. When you self-publish, you still need to pay a professional editor.
  22. Hang out with people who are interested in what you are interested in.
  23. Listen to books on CD in the car.
  24. Meditate with a heart that’s open, kind, and generous.
  25. Take note of, and be thankful for, the “coincidences” in your life.
  26. It’s never wrong to be kind.
  27. Get outside every day, even when the weather is bad.
  28. Pay attention to what your body tells you.
  29. Follow an energy path – where your energy goes, you go.
  30. Take a chance, laugh when it doesn’t work out, and take another chance.
  31. Take the initiative to keep in touch with your friends and family.
  32. A hot bath cures many ills.
  33. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea, write it down, then go back to sleep.
  34. Hang out with funny people.
  35. Dress in clothes that make you feel fun and energized.
  36. Travel outside your comfort zone.
  37. Have a pet. Or two. Or four.
  38. Start each day with a moment of gratitude.
  39. Smile at friends and at strangers.
  40. There are no strangers.

What have you learned so far? You might be surprised at the volume once you start to type. Please, share!

I’ll leave you today with a little Russian Poster Art from the early 1900s on exhibit at the Art Museum at Bowdoin College. Just because 🙂

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I welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future posts!



5 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned so far

  1. Oh man… if you weren’t already married, we’d be dating! What a wonderful list. Would you share it more publicly, perhaps on FB? (and if I liked embroidery more, half of these would be on pillows and samplers!)


  2. Hah, thanks, Sam! It’s on FB on my Organizational Habits page. I added five more thoughts there that occurred to me in the middle of the night. Once you start thinking about what you’ve learned it’s hard to turn off it off. So make a list for us!! What have you learned so far? 🙂


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