Mind the Gap

I love when I’m traveling in England and the government courteously reminds me to “mind the gap” when exiting a train or subway.

As a life-philosophy, you also want to “mind the gap” between what you say and what you do. When you meditate or spend quiet time with yourself, it’s easy to think kind, generous thoughts. To feel connected to the earth. And to will the energy of the Universe to allow you to do your best work.

But if you’re cross when someone crosses you, or immediately feel disconnected when things don’t go your way, then it’s time to mind a gap in your life. If someone crosses you and you snap, practice stepping back mentally from the scene and sending that person loving kindness for whatever is going on with them. And see yourself from a distance, like a loving angel, and think, “That poor girl! I wonder what made her cross?” It takes practice to be non-judgmental with the world and with yourself but what a nice practice it is.

If you struggle with this, here are four things that may help you close the gap.

For some reason, having quiet time at least once a day helps you carry quietness around you throughout the day. And it helps you stay connected to the earth even while you’re a step away.

Getting outside and walking is a great way to stay grounded and keep your head clear so that little bubbles of trouble don’t seem like trouble at all, but more like humorous reminders that you’re here to learn.

Limit the amount of violence you’re exposed to on a daily basis
If you watch violent television shows or movies, know that they affect how you see the world. And if social media exposes you to violence, limit your exposure. If work or home are chaotic, figure out how to spend less time there.

Limit the amount of time you spend with negative people
If someone around you likes to gossip, or pull things apart, or is a critic of the world, figuring out how to spend less time with them will bring you a natural calm. There’s no judgment here – just a choice to spend less time.

You can’t control the world, and you certainly can’t control other people, but you can control how you participate in life, and how you react to it.

Take a breath. Do your good work. And bring peace to your world – and to our world. Mind the gap.

Sending you peace and love from a warm summer day in Maine where everything is in bloom – even the cilantro 🙂

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