When things go out of control

Do you ever have one of those days, or weeks, or months, where everything seems out of control? People tell you not to worry, that, “Mercury’s in retrograde.” And you’re like, “My life is in retrograde!”

When you’re faced with the overwhelming, it helps to picture your mind as a big sky – vast, and limitless. And this “thing” that’s happening? It’s such a small thing in that vast sky. The “thing” isn’t everything. It’s a tiny piece of a big sky. That’s everything.

And that immovable block? What can you build on it?

The dead-end you hit? It’s time to turn around and find… what?

The piece of grit stuck in your gut? That’s going to turn into a pearl.

The pressure you feel? A diamond is in the making.

And that wall you’re facing? How can you scramble over it? Or find a way around it? Or is it time to head off in another direction?

Doing good work doesn’t mean blindly ignoring bad stuff or pretending your glass is half full. The glass has something in it. That’s the point. Stuff happens and you get to choose how you respond.

The Universe wants to cooperate, not compete with you. Every challenge you face is an opportunity to get to the heart of your life. Use your mind and imagine a better way, a unique solution. Your mind is so powerful!

When you open up to challenge, challenge will open you up. And when you respond with heart, big heart, you draw in love.

I’m not wishing you challenges tonight – but if you’re facing something big, then something big is in store for you.


This shot is from artist Anna McKee, on display at the University of NH. Each vial contains water from a hole through a glacier. Beautiful and thoughtful. Art.

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