So I happened on a joyous razor clam…

I’m visiting in St. Augustine, Florida this week and was walking the beach yesterday morning. I was surprised there weren’t many shells when I happened on five beautiful razor clams. They looked like potential flags on a sandcastle and I carefully gathered them up.

Once I found the five razor clams, my walk shifted from random to focused, and my eyes moved from seeing very little to seeing patterns, colors, and textures. I ended up collecting dozens of razor clams along with a few olives, a couple of cat’s eyes, some pink barnacles, and even a beached, nearly complete purple and orange sea star.

This is going to be a spectacular sandcastle 🙂

Sometimes joy descends on us like razor clams and all we have to do is stop and gather. Other times, joy is oddly elusive – like a faint star that you can only see if you look at it indirectly. The trick for me is to be open and to grab hold of joy wherever I find it and then look for more in the same place.

  • So what’s joyous in your life?
  • What really gets you charged up and smiling?
  • Is there a pattern and can you find more of that?
  • If you’re lacking in the joy department, can you give yourself the gift of time to get out there and see what you can find?

It’s cool to live your life with intent, to have a plan, and to make things happen. But if your intent and plans don’t bring you joy, remember that there are treasures everywhere. Maybe it’s time to take a walk.

Cheers from a much-warmer-than-Maine beach.

Sea turtle tracks coming and going
Crescent Beach, FL


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2 thoughts on “So I happened on a joyous razor clam…

  1. Love your “sea flower” arrangement, Janie! and yes, random to focused is exactly it. I’m now remembering walking summer fields as a child and discovering the first field strawberries, running back the house for a cup to gather them in, and going to sleep with images of red berries floating before my eyes… I can even smell how the hot grass smelled and hear the sizzle-bugs in my mind! Thank you!


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