The peace of being who you are

Your internal self is what you think, feel, and know about yourself. Your external self is how you present yourself to the world. The closer you can get these two in sync, the easier it is to get through the day. It’s easier to breathe. To relax. You know who you are. You dress the way you’re comfortable. You laugh when you want to. And you’re joyous about the work you’re doing.

If people love the external you they see, great. If they don’t love the external you they see, it’s still great. You’re not trying to package anything. You’re comfortable being you and you’re comfortable letting others see who you are.

For most of the billions of people on the earth, all we know is their external self and we compare that to our internal selves. Comparing yourself to anyone isn’t a great way to get things done. You know your own struggles and how can that possibly compare to the finished product you see in others?

And who wants to compare anyway? You have unique skills and a unique outlook. Getting where you’re going is what’s awesome about the work you’re doing. And when you stick to your plans and hang onto your dreams, your energy is infectious.

Being at peace with who you are is a gift to yourself and to others because when you’re open about who you are a door opens for others in your life to be more authentic when they’re around you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be surrounded by highly energized people who are honest about their flaws and doubts? Where everyone feels comfortable admitting what they don’t know? And where everyone is open about what they’re trying to accomplish?

You can’t change others, but can you get more of the internal you out to the world. How exciting.

Peace out from St. Augustine, Florida.

P.S. Just as I started writing this post, I accidentally hit “publish,” so many of you saw this post in raw form with no edits and no pictures. When that happened, I went through two stages of grief. First denial. Then acceptance. My only choice was to laugh, take a deep breath and say, “Today’s post is going to make me look a little crazy,” and then get back to work finishing the post. Wasn’t that a brilliant way for the Universe to remind me of the very point of this missive – that we are all, indeed, a work in progress? 🙂

I believe this shot below from the Washington DC Botanical Gardens is close to the look I had on my face just moments ago 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The peace of being who you are

  1. Comparing is so foolish! You don’t think so? Check out the “People from Walmart” who couldn’t care less, eh? Why did we ever fret about not wearing white after Labor Day, huh? And BTW, did that ever really apply in Florida? Safe travels!


  2. Janie,
    You are amazing! I couldn’t sgree more with you on this post! It’s inspirational but at the same time accepting and comforting. I love the way you writte,..what you say and how you say it!


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