A delightful mystery

Life is full of mystery.

  • Who we are…
  • How long we have on Earth…
  • How we’re connected…
  • How the earth and stars were formed, and how long they’ll be here…
  • If there’s one universe or multiple universes…
  • “What happened to that ring I lost my senior year of college?”… 🙂

We tend to believe what we see and can prove. This is who I am. This is a table. This is what stars are made of. This is how the world works.

Then science and physics open new portals and we can “see” at an atomic level. And we can “see” a billion years ago in the night sky.

We’re living at a time of massive, innovative technological change. And what we “know” changes. Dramatically. Daily.

We strive to learn and the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know or understand. How atoms are both particles and waves. How there’s a “net” of dark space that’s bigger than everything else combined. How everything is connected.

And what joy there is in this continued mystery. It keeps us curious and open to new ideas. And new thinking. And new “ah-hah” moments as we follow our intuition and start down a new path.

The world’s a mystery. Today’s a mystery. You’re a mystery.

How delightful.

Cats know the answers

6 thoughts on “A delightful mystery

  1. HA! I lost my ring way before senior year… and it was a favorite, too, bought at Cumberland fair… a wide band; two narrow bands on the outsides with anemones or maybe beach roses in between… cut out, not just stamped. Darn it, Janie! I really miss that ring!

    PS: think you’re right about the cats. Coonhounds, however, are clueless.


    • My ring was a birthday present from my mom. The weird thing was that this ring was meant to replace a ring that had disappeared. But after the replacement ring disappeared, the first ring re-appeared. Both were aquamarine. Clearly, I was only meant to own one. I’m hoping when I die and my life flashes before my eyes that I’ll finally find out where that ring is! I probably think about the missing ring more than any of the rings I still have 🙂


  2. I never tire from reading your blogs and love the pictures that accompany your blog! This blog made me happy and I love mysteries and adventures!


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