A clan gathers

In the past, clan members from different nations and cultures would walk for miles and even days to show off new children, play competitive games, drink, and eat. And we’re really no different from our ancestors.

Remi is our newest clan member

I was thinking this morning about how important it is that our “clan” gathers at least once a year at the beach. I always think I’m going to get a lot of reading and work done, but most of our time together is spent relaxing, hearing stories, cooking together, and having fun exploring new towns. In our family, there’s a silent commitment to set aside our differences for the week – which is really important. And we make an effort to be sure everyone feels included in whatever activities are going on.

Think about times in your life when you’ve gathered with your clan. Births, weddings, funerals, family trips. You spend some time reflecting on the past – telling old, funny stories. But you also spend time getting re-acquainted and strengthening family bonds.

Do you have clan gatherings in your family or with friends who are like family? If not, they’re a great way to bond and to mix with a group that wants to hear your stories and to share fun times. And while clan-time doesn’t feel like totally productive time, I always return relaxed and full of energy to re-enter the world of work.

I’m deeply grateful to my mom who is the instigator of our gatherings. She’s the tie that binds.

Oh, and here’s what happened to the razor clams. Sending you peace and love from our last full day at Crescent Beach, FL.

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2 thoughts on “A clan gathers

  1. In the Hunneman Clan, this would be called a “drip castle”… Dexter built his backyard fireplace in this fashion, so we cooked burgers “on the Drip Castle” for years. When Rob and I moved to SoFree, he built our own “drip castle”, but he’s such a neatnik that there really were no drips… just well pointed bricks. Couldn’t bring myself to point out the difference to him. s:)


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