Time to go plogging!

I know from running my DNA with 23&me that I don’t have any Scandinavian blood, but I’ve found another Scandinavian trend I’m totally loving: Plogging. Plogging is a mix of pick-up + jog.

Here’s the idea: You go out for a nice run keeping an eye out for trash, and on the way back you pick it up. This adds bending and twisting to your run, and adds to the total calories you burn.

I plogged for the first time last week. I didn’t intend to start – I was just out for a run and saw a beer can off to the side of a really beautiful stretch of road. On the way back I saw it again and felt a pang of guilt. I should pick up the can but I had the dog with me – and anyway, I didn’t have a plastic bag. I ran a few more steps and what did I see? I plastic bag, of course.

Now I had no choice. When you make a wish it’s important to listen for the answer. I fished the plastic bag out of the bracken and went back for the can. Then I saw another can. And another. I came home with a bag full of trash, I got great exercise nearly toppling into bushes while keeping hold of the dog, and felt good about cleaning up a section of road I love to run.

The next time I ran, I took a bag with me and cleaned up most of the other side of the road. I still have more to do, but I’m on it now. This week I’m traveling in the south and will be on the lookout for bags and trash.

I love this idea for a couple of reasons. It’s good for you. It’s good for the earth. It’s a great use of your time.  And it’s a great example of taking a small step and making things a little better than how you found them.

Are you ready to plog? Here’s a link to a fun article to learn more.

Greetings from Lake County Florida where the birds this morning were outstanding and so, so different from Maine.

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5 thoughts on “Time to go plogging!

  1. Love the name. I do that on walks on the beach, and in the kayak. (Harder to pick up, but easier to store stuff.) For me, I think it comes from learning to leave a place cleaner than when you came, which they taught us in Girl Scouts.

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  2. Odd that there an ‘L’ in there… plogging vs. pogging? Oh well… and spring is such a great time of year to start such a trend… well, except for those snow-filled ditches that seem so hard and sturdy until you step and go up to your thighs! Little acts of trash removal. Mother Earth loves it.


    • Hi Sam. I’m always shocked in the spring to see what the snowbanks yield! So far along 77 it’s been mostly beer. Picking up trash is a bit like an archeological study of local culture… 🙂 Of course, our trash will all get covered up again tomorrow. Enough!! 🙂


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