Creating Moments

You want to use your time wisely, to be buttoned up and efficient, to be trusted for your consistency. AND along with getting things done, you want to have memorable days where you feel engaged, joyful, amazed and motivated.

I’m reading the Heath brother’s new book, The Power of Moments. A key part of powerful moments comes when you feel elevated, when your senses are amped up with food, lighting, movement, and joy. These are out-of-the-ordinary times like weddings, sporting events, graduations, and musical events where you feel energy and joy around you. They’re moments that break the script, that you remember over days, weeks, years, and even decades.

I just got back from a week on a cruise with a group of family and friends. Besides actually being warm (yes, we’re having another blizzard today back in Maine!), we had all sorts of memorable moments. Enjoying long conversations without the interruption of cellphones or the Internet. Snorkeling in the warm seas off of Cozumel, Mexico. Eating new foods. Rock climbing. Zip-lining. Enjoying great entertainment in a small theater setting. Singing with the cast of Cats in the piano bar!

A cruise is an out-of-the-ordinary experience for most, but there were plenty of people on the ship who didn’t seem to be enjoying themselves – who thought the snorkeling last time was better. Who didn’t go to the shows. Who complained about the food. Who fussed when it rained.

Which makes you realize that it’s not just the moment that matters – it’s how you see it and experience it. Isn’t half the fun in life finding moments at ordinary times? Like drawing insight from a quiet, revealing conversation at dinner. Relaxing in a hot bath. Or listening to a blizzard blow past as you sit safely inside with a fat cat on your lap.

Some moments are planned. Others you stumble on. All can be joyous.

“We feel most comfortable when things are certain, but we feel most alive when they’re not.”

I’ll leave you with a photo from the trip – a joyous moment when my sister and I had a chat on stage with Old Deuteronomy, played but the wonderful Doug Eskew. It was a fine moment. Namaste.

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2 thoughts on “Creating Moments

  1. Singing with the cast of CATS!!??? Holy cow, Janie, I’m so jealous! And what a great picture of SISTERS with OD… and can you imagine how long that costume and makeup take? Yikes! Glad you’re home safe and enjoying the storm with your fat cat. Here, it’s coonhounds with itchy ears… more than a lap-full but lovable anyway. Great rehearsal last night, too!


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