How to be the world’s best guest

We have several holidays coming up. ‘Tis the season! If you want to be the world’s best guest, stick to these pointers from Southern Living. And there are bonus points if you’re planning on staying over.

Show up ready to have fun
The best way to be a great guest is to have fun. If you’re having a bad day, smile and check that at the door. Say hi to anyone who is new. Talk to young and old alike. Get interesting conversations going. Your phone stays in your pocket or better yet in a pocket or bag in another room for the duration of the party. And no complaining, please! You have chosen to attend this party, so bring your best-self there.

Either eat what’s served or pick out foods you like without making a fuss
If you have dietary restrictions, bring something you can eat as well as share.

Be helpful
If you arrive early, help set up. At the end of the meal, help clear and clean up. Wash any large dishes, dry them, and ask where to put them away. Clean off the counters. Bag up the trash. Most hosts won’t ask guests to help clean up, but everyone appreciates it, so jump in and make clearing and cleaning a group activity.

Don’t over stay your visit
As the evening winds down, be ready to roll rather than settling in for one last drink or bite of food.

If you stay over…
Go to bed and get up at a reasonable hour. If you see even a hint that your host is tired, head to bed. In the morning, please don’t be the last person up! You don’t want folks tiptoeing around in a kind attempt to not disturb you.

Keep your sleeping area tidy. If you’re lucky enough to be in a guest room, make the bed each morning and keep your clothes tucked away. If you’re staying with someone who has a lot of pillows on the bed, put them back in the same order when you’re done. It may help to take a picture before your disturb the bed!

Keep the bathroom tidy and don’t spend extra time in there. This isn’t home, it’s shared space. Clean up the sink. Straighten the towels and shower curtain. And tuck your toiletries away after you use them.

When you’re ready to head out, ask your host which is easiest – to strip the bed or re-make it for them to strip another time. If they want you to strip the bed, remake the covers to leave the room tidy and take any dirty sheets and towels to the laundry room. This is another time when your host may not ask for help but will deeply appreciate your efforts.

Send a thank you note
If you stay over or not, send your host a nice note afterwards. Mail is nice if you have time, but even email is okay.

The best way to show appreciation is to host in return. And to expect nothing from your guests 🙂

I’ll close with a picture of Clover, an invited groundhog guest at the library last week. Clover was an excellent guest. She is definitely not a picky eater and did not stay too long. Happy Fall!

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