Ode to brain power!

You know how important it is to exercise your body, but do you know how important it is to exercise your brain? One of the coolest ways to take care of your brain is to meditate. AND if that sounds really intimidating, help is on the way.

Sharon Salzberg, one of my favorite teachers for her practice around loving kindness, is hosting a 28-day meditation challenge starting on 2/1. It’s free to take part, so there’s no risk trying it… And if you love some or ALL of it, well, hurrah! Your brain will thank you. Here’s a link to sign up for Sharon’s Real Happiness Meditation Challenge.

And my sister just sent me a link to another cool mediation “tour” from the kind folks at Sounds True. This is a free, 10-day Summit featuring a bunch of excellent teachers. The Summit starts next week, on 1/22. I’ve done Summits like this before and don’t catch all of the talks (3 per day), but I hear enough of them to keep my head spinning in new directions for weeks. Here’s the reg info for this one. If nothing else, click through just to see the list of speakers. Amazing.

There are so many studies about the positive impact of spending part of your day in silence. I can tell you from personal experience that meditation helps me feel happy and calm and connected to the space around me. It helps me think clearly. And it helps me focus on my best, most helpful work.

I hope something here catches your eye. I feel so lucky to live in a time where the best teachers are as nearby as our laptops. And you know I’m going to be writing about some of these talks, so why not listen in as well? 🙂

I’ll leave you tonight with a few wise words from Albert Einstein. Namaste.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to brain power!

  1. So much neat stuff, so little time! (I remember when that was “men”…)
    All ready to tell you you forgot to include the link… and then I clicked on it. So easy! All signed up. Let’s see if the Silva Mind Control methods still work! Thanks, Janie!


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