It’s time for a Food Revolution!

If you’ve been thinking about eating healthier, I’d highly recommend the upcoming Food Revolution Summit. The FRS is a week of free talks sponsored by the Food Revolution Network.  There are 3 talks a day; each one is about an hour. This year’s Summit runs from 4/29-5/7 from 11 AM – 2:00 PM EST.

I’ve listened to the Summit the last two years and have learned a ton. The cool thing is because it’s free, you don’t feel bad if you skip talks that don’t interest you, or when you don’t have time. And they’re not sequential – you can listen to one – or all.

This year they have a couple of big names like Sanjay Gupta, Joel Fuhrman, and Christiane Northrup. But all of the speakers I’ve heard in the past have been really, really good. Each speaker talks about their specialty or about their focus in the world of food. The underlying theme for all of them is the same: If you want to be healthier, pay attention to what you eat.

Here’s a link to the free sign-up BUT before you click, I’d advise you to turn off the sound on your computer or phone. The guy who runs the Summit, Ocean Robbins, starts right in on this link with one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen. Seriously. If I saw Ocean talk without having listened to the past Summits, I would avoid this like the plague.

That being said, I put up with Ocean to get to the essence of the FRS – which is a free week of interesting, thought-provoking talks about ways to improve your health, energy, and focus through better eating habits.

And yes, eating healthier food leads to better Organizational Zen 🙂

If you listen in, let’s discuss.

Happy weekend!

I blissed out on an AM beach walk today. It was a tide pool morning with chattering barnacles. If you’ve never heard barnacles chatter, come on up to Maine and I’ll take you to Two Lights State Park for a listen 🙂

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