Grouping items to create harmony

If you have a place in your house that feels scattered or drains your energy, try introducing a little harmony.

Think about how different a scattering of single leaves look compared to leaves grouped together on a tree. Or how loose petals of a flower look compared to the look of a full-headed flower. Or the look of singular flowers versus the look of a sweeping field of flowers.

You can create harmony by placing similar items together. By putting prints on a wall in matching frames. By grouping items together that are the same or complementary colors.

In your closet, you can create harmony by hanging similar colored clothes together. Or putting pairs of shoes back together in neat rows. Or stacking sweaters in stacks by color.

You may also want to look around for things that are off-center. Pictures on a wall. A bowl off-center on a table. A lamp off-center on an end table.

Our eyes like patterns and symmetry, and grouping similar things together is both relaxing and energy generating. We think about harmony as being something inside us but it’s amazing how much we’re influenced by our surroundings.

Look up from where you’re sitting right now. What’s one thing you could change to bring more harmony to the room you’re in?

Harmony begets harmony. Sending you harmonious thoughts on a stressful election night.

Our pup is generally in harmony with her environment. As long as she has snacks 🙂

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