Looking back at the path you’re on

December is a great time to look at the path you’ve been on over the last year. If you want to shape the direction you’re headed, it helps to look back at where you’ve been.

If you can find a quiet moment this week, take out a clean sheet of paper and jot down the big events that happened to you this year. Brainstorm first, then think month by month to help spur your memory.

What events did you experience this year for…

  • moves
  • vacations
  • marriages
  • accidents
  • illnesses
  • deaths
  • graduations
  • reunions
  • births
  • separations
  • changes of jobs
  • changes in relationships and friendships
  • new people in your life
  • special events with your friends, kids, parents, or siblings
  • changes you made with how you live your life – what you eat or how you exercise

Now look at your list.

  • What do you see for patterns and groupings?
  • What pops out at you as a high-energy or joyous events?
  • What were your dramatic, surprise events?
  • Did you have low-energy events?
  • Did you experience changes as a result of work you’d done in past years?
  • Which events were typical for you and on your normal path?
  • Which were a big diversion from the path you thought you were on?
  • Which took you further along a path you like?
  • Which took you down a path you don’t want to be on?
  • Which changes, for better or worse, brought you the most profound lessons?
  • Was there anything missing on your path this year that you want to add in 2019?
  • Is there something you feel you’re being guided toward?

Looking back on 2018, my highest energy events had to do with theater, travel with friends and family, and taking on new challenges at work. These positives were countered with energy draining challenges to family health and the months I spent dealing with a broken ankle. Since I can’t control the health of my family or surprises like a broken ankle, in 2019 I’ll do my best to focus on a high energy path that involves theater in as many aspects as I can cook up; to travel as much as I can; and to push myself to find work challenges that push me to think harder, to maximize my creativity, and connect community in any way I can.

Life is a series of baby steps often interrupted by, well, life! I wish you the very best for a joyous and healthy path in 2019! Cheers to all.

I’ll close with a shot of the sand down at Crescent beach which clearly follows its own path :).

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