Slowing down to be more productive

I just finished Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee, a product designer and student of JOY in the world. One of Lee’s last studies in the book is on the joy of being in nature. Participating in a natural life helps you slow down. It keeps you grounded. It helps you be meditative and at the same time lifts your energy. And it makes you feel healthier and happier which helps you be more productive.

Think about when you were a kid and everything outside felt new and exciting. I’ve been thinking about elements of nature and what we can do to be more observant of them to appreciate them more to get back some of that kid-energy. 


  • Fly a kite
  • Hang wind chimes
  • Sit and watch leaves blowing
  • Hang a mobile inside
  • Blow bubbles – in the winter; watch below to see how they freeze!


  • Observe the patterns in ice crystals on glass or in puddles
  • Spend time out in the rain or snow
  • Float in the ocean
  • Take a hot bath or cold shower
  • Hand wash the dishes
  • Sit by a fountain for both sound and sight
  • Spend time at a beach, lake, or river
  • Head to the ocean when it’s below freezing to see the sea smoke


  • Hang a prism in a window to see how light breaks apart into colors
  • Spend time looking at the night sky
  • Figure out how to get more natural light into your house or where you work
  • Get a piece of stained glass to appreciate to look of light as it passes through color
  • Hang strings of small lights inside and out


  • Get beeswax candles that bring fire into your house without any artificial smells
  • If you have a fireplace or wood stove, use it
  • Put in a fire pit outside
  • Go camping and make sure to include a closing campfire

Spend time with critters in a natural setting

  • Watch for fireflies in the summer
  • Spend time getting to know your local birds and butterflies
  • Make friends with a squirrel
  • Find a nature center to see big birds and night creatures
  • Play with your cat or dog

What can you add to the list? How do you find ways to bring nature into your life? I’d love to know!

Cheers from a chilly Maine. It’s not THAT chilly yet, but I’m hoping to soon be able to do this. Please enjoy this short video of making frozen bubbles. This is oh-my-beautiful!



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