Exploring the power of a connected community

I’m working my way through Thomas Friedman’s book, Thank You For Being Latefor the second time in as many weeks, and am struck by the immense power of a connected community.

  1. The amount of digital information you can learn from a computer with internet access is unlimited – with free on-line classes at Khan Academy or YouTube. Through free podcasts. By taking a MOOC (mass on-line class). Using search sites like Google. Or reading newspapers from around the world.
  2. You can join a conversation of millions through social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, to effortlessly share ideas, businesses, products, and friendships with strangers from around the globe.
  3. There are no gatekeepers in an open, digital world for anything you want to create and share: products, books, music, videos, classes, and ideas.
  4. The largest hospitality group, Airbnb, owns no rooms. The largest transportation company, Uber, owns no vehicles. The largest retailer, Amazon, owns no stores. The largest content provider, Facebook, owns no content. What each group owns is a terrific, helpful vision, great software, and a global connection through the Cloud. You don’t have to own anything to have a thriving business.
  5. If you need cash for a start-up, crowd-sourcing has become business-as-usual through sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe.

Being unlimited can be daunting – Where to start?

And it’s wonderfully freeing.

  • What do you want to learn this week?
  • What ideas and skills can you share with others?
  • What’s unique about you that you can share with the world?
  • What business could you start to help other people?
  • How will you find your tribe in this wild, wonderful, connected world?

Points to ponder on a happy Monday!

We are all connected 🙂



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