“Mind your business”

When you “mind your business,” you’re doing a couple of really important things.

  1. When you “mind your business,” you start the day grounded and breathing in the air around you.
  2. When you “mind your business,” you focus on what you’re doing. You choose to do work you like, and you’re in one-hundred percent. At work, at home, and at play, do one thing at a time and do it well.
  3. When you “mind your business,” you’re focused on your work without judgment or gossip about anyone else’s work.
  4. When you “mind your business,” you pay attention to the details, complete things on time, and do better work. Details are what help you do your best work.
  5. When you “mind your business,” you are always on the search for “best practices.” How can you run your business/life better? What can be tweaked? What can be added? What can be pitched?
  6. When you “mind your business,” you are in control. You have choices you can make. You know that weird stuff still happens, but that’s part of your business!
  7. If you can accept that everything is your business – and still be focused on your specific work – then you can lift your head and see work that needs to be done. Can you make it a daily practice to leave things better than you found them?

“Mind your business” isn’t simple – but what a relief it is to say, “That’s not my business,” and mean it.

Sending you sunny, cool weather, a Maine lighthouse, and a couple of duck babies. Happy 4th!

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