Turning Points

You have points in your life where everything was going in one direction, then “this” happened, and your life headed off in a new direction. You know what I’m talking about? Those big “before” and “after” moments.

For me, this would include the day in 8th grade I decided to try out for cheerleading which changed who I hung out with in high school, what I did with my free time, and how active I became in my class.

Another big turning point was my decision to go to the University of Virginia. This meant I met certain wonderful, life-long friends, chose a certain major, and hated being at the University so much I chose to go hiking for 3 months with an Outward Bound program. This, in turn, was another HUGE turning point because that’s where I met the person I married and had children with.

More recently, I think about the community theater audition I decided to go to 10 years ago which changed who I hang out with and what I do with much of my free time.

I didn’t know anything about cheerleading when I tried out. I never visited UVa before attending. I’d certainly never lived outside for three months until Outward Bound. And on the theater front, I, by “chance,” noticed an ad for the audition and only went because a local theater was doing a show I’d done in high school that I really liked.

None of these choices seemed big at the time but I knew they were important because each one was out of character for me; each one gave me an opportunity to be someone I hadn’t been before. And with each one, I felt a big bubble of energy, like I was listening to advice from beyond that told me it was time to make a change and to head off in a new direction.

If you’re feeling stuck with what you’re doing, or feel like you’re not getting to the interesting work in your life, is there a decision hanging around you that wants to be made? Do you have an energy bubble you’ve been ignoring that keeps popping up?

Big bends in the path are nerve-wracking AND they get you places you’ve never been before.

So you’re walking down a path… What’s that next turning point for you?

Here’s a sunrise turning point at Scarborough Beach. Shot courtesy of Ms. Tracy Carroll. Thanks, Tracy. Gorgeous!


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