Finding your Element

I’m reading The Element by Ken Robinson and am finding all sorts of deliciousness. Here’s a point I was pondering today.

  • Recognizing where you feel most yourself is a clue to figuring out what your “element” is.

If you feel most at home in a library, then loving books and loving to read may be your “element,” and your soul may want to be a writer, editor, or publisher.

If you feel most at home in a school or class, maybe your element is teaching or a lifetime of learning.

If you love wandering around in a hardware store and love smelling wood and nails, maybe carpentry is your element. Or if you find yourself drawn to the paint section, maybe you’ve got painting in your soul.

If your best days are spent on the road, your element may be travel and travel-related experiences and work.

And how about people who are happiest in the kitchen? Preparing food and cooking are delicious creative elements. If your joy is there, so is your element.

Maybe the work-world is your big buzz. If you get energized by making deals and playing the work game, then that’s your element, and business is your place to be creative.

For me, the theater is where I take a deep breath and settle in. Whether I’m working a show or attending a show, I’m deeply happy just being in the building. I kept theater as a sideline for so long. It was a place I visited but didn’t belong. Then I decided to take a chance and got involved, and now it’s home-base for me.

Oh, and ponder the power of this! How about if you combine two elements in your life: Travel + food. Business + hardware. Theater + writing. 2-fers are so powerful.

Are there two elements in your life that naturally mesh together?

When you work in a medium you love you feel free and authentic. You do good work. And you’re energized. You feel like you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, and you’re being who you are meant to be.

When you think about all the things you do in the course of a week or a month, what are the highlights?

Where are you when you feel the most at home?

Cool stuff to ponder. Namaste!

Love this shot from Bill Maxwell. What Unique Miracle is waiting for you?

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