The gift of generosity

When you have control over your time, you have a peaceful feeling that the work you want to get done is getting done. You’re choosing what to do and don’t feel pushed by circumstances.

But sometimes, circumstances pull you away from what you’re focused on. You see something that needs action. Or you’re asked to help. This isn’t your problem but it’s so compelling you can’t turn away. So you wade in.

Once you make that choice, it’s important to change your focus and to be in 100%. If you’re going to help, help from the core. This is your new focus and it’s the most important work you can be doing.

Being generous with your time is the greatest gift you can give someone who needs you to listen or to share the load.  Especially when you give without strings attached. When you give from the heart. When you participate with both hands and listen with both ears.

What you get in return is the gift of being a witness. The gift of feeling grounded and lifted up at the same time. The gift of being connected.

And then you go back to what you were working on a little more energized. With a good story to tell. And maybe a smile on your face.

Here’s my weekend in pictures. Baby shower + BRRR 🙂




2 thoughts on “The gift of generosity

  1. Just sent off a picture of the shower card to a cousin who crafts, Janie, and I just love the Pinthespermontheegg game! What a hoot! You’re so right… it was EST in the ’70’s (only with a really boot-campy ‘dropandgiveme50’ vibe to it) and moved from living in the moment to seizing the day to mindfulness. So valid, whatever we call it. Thanks! Sam


    • Yes, it’s all about being grounded – and breathing :). If feels like we have mighty e-distractions these days. I’m guessing every generation has felt the same way about emerging technology. But really – isn’t it really more now? 🙂

      On the party front, the best part of the PIN game was my 4th grade granddaughter asking what sperm were. And then going ahead and playing anyway 🙂 I passed. Been there. Done that 🙂


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