What’s your personal brand?

Businesses build or chip away at their brand with every customer interaction. Brands like Nike, L.L.Bean, and Coca-Cola are known for specific and calculated brand elements – like style, functionality, innovation, customer service, reputation, price, or comfort.

Brands are designed to make customers feel good about them and companies spend millions making sure they do! The payback is that best customers stay with them – sometimes for a lifetime – because they feel they know and trust them.

You are also a brand that you build or chip away at every day. The goal of creating Organizational Zen in your life is to help you make time to do your best work – to help you focus on the big stuff by getting the small stuff taken care of. And that’s a huge part of what your personal brand is.

Think about your personal brand
If you asked three members of your family, three friends, and three co-workers to describe you, what would they say? Be honest. No one is reading this but you. And remember this isn’t what you’d like to be – it’s how people see you in your everyday interactions. Make three columns and write down as many adjectives as you can that describe your personal brand for each group.

  • Are you appreciative or envious?
  • Approving or critical?
  • Joyous or anxious?
  • Calm or angry?
  • Confident or arrogant?
  • Generous or stingy?
  • Grateful or doubtful?
  • Helpful or always-too-busy?
  • Funny or somber?
  • Kind or aloof?
  • Healthy or sick?
  • Energetic or despondent?

How is your brand different at home, with your friends, and at work? Do you save your best self for one over the others? Is there anything you’d like to change?

We all get caught up in life and can’t be 100% consistent, but if you find that your brand is often angry, frustrated, and sick then it’s time to build a better brand! It’s never too late.

Sending you organizational energy to help you bloom.

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