How can you help?

When I talk to people about organizational issues, many ask me what they can do to help friends, family, or co-workers who are disorganized. My suggestion is that they get their own lives organized, lead by example, and not worry about others. When you’re organized and you’re getting things done, your energy is infectious which is a great way to raise the energy of others around you.

That being said, it’s also vitally important that you be helpful. That you mentor and coach when you’re asked. And that you reach out and lend a hand even when you’re not asked.

I saw an interesting interview recently with Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook. Sheryl recently lost her husband and said one of the worst things for her is when people say, “Let me know if you need anything,” because that puts the onus on her to ask for help. She said it’s better when someone goes ahead and does something nice for her. It’s hard to figure out how to help someone, especially at a time of grief, but I like the idea that it’s our responsibility to figure out what might work, and then jump in using our best powers of observation and intuition to come up with a plan.

So you’re minding your own organizational business – and you’re aware and empathetic to those around you. The trick to me is to feel like you’re the CEO of the world. You’re responsible for making this a better place. And when you see something that needs to be fixed, you fix it in a kind way.

What a delightful, tangled web knowing what your business is. 🙂

Sending you the peace and energy of a rainy day in Maine.

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