Getting to the BIG stuff

When you’re thinking of BIG things you’d like to do in this lifetime, block out some quiet time, do a little quiet breathing (in through your nose and out through your mouth helps you think more clearly!), and make a couple of lists.

  • List #1 is stuff you’re already working on that you want to do more of.
  • List #2 is stuff you’ve always thought of doing but have never dared start.
  • List #3 is an outrageous brainstorm list, weird stuff that is super compelling, that raises your energy just to think of it, and that you’ve never given much thought to – until maybe right now.

Set the lists aside and go about your day. These need to cook for a while.

When you’re ready, when you can’t resist anymore, go back to the lists and glance through your ideas. Where does your eye go first? Which idea makes your heart beat a little faster? Which one make you smile, shake your head, and say, “I can’t believe I haven’t finished that.” Or, “I can’t believe I’m not already doing that”?

If nothing draws you in, take a little quiet time to breathe and let your mind wander. See if you can add something that makes you laugh. What’s a big stretch for you? Not something unattainable – you can’t walk to the moon – but something you’ll look back on, and shake your head, and think, “I can’t believe I did that.” You’re in the realm of “could” v. “should” when you’re brainstorming ideas of the heart. You’re on your own path with no expectations and no rules.

When you come up with something that makes your heart race, you’ve taken the first step. Now you need a path. What can you do today to get started? What about tomorrow? And next week? Make your plans and track your progress.

If you get off track or feel your motivation slip, think about your big goal and feel that energy bubble again. If what you’re working on today seems tedious, remember that it’s just one step in a new direction. You’re in control of this, you decided to do it, and you’re going to get it done.

And have fun. Right?

Sending you warm thoughts and happy energy from a snowy sunrise in Madison, CT.

snowy sunrise in Connecticut


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