The possibilities of tomorrow

History is filled with facts which makes it really solid. When we look back, it seems like what happened was the only possibility, that what happened was inevitable.

But then there’s “today”. You look ahead. You wonder what will happen. And you know it’s not pre-ordained because there are so many potential threads. Tomorrow could take you south, or west, or north. It could be wild or calm. Big things could happen. Or nothing special could happen.

The future isn’t one thing – there are an infinite number of possibilities. Where you head depends in part on the baby steps you take today.

And that’s what’s cool about getting organized in a Zen-like fashion. You decide how you’d like to shape one thread of the future. You set a deadline. Break the project into parts. Schedule in the parts. And get to work. You’re calm and focused because you’ve prioritized some delicious thing you’d like to make happen.

Then life happens and what you’re working on may not turn out exactly as planned. But you’re having fun because you got on the trail, took the class, bought the book, read the food label, signed up for the music lesson, brainstormed the idea.

You took a baby step down one of the many potential paths you had in front of you.

When you look back on this time of your life and see what you did, it may look like it was pre-ordained. But you’ll know. You’ll remember you had choices and chose to shape your future in just this way.

How fun is that?

Sending you the peace of deciding – along with a piece of New England ice sculpture.




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