A well-organized miracle

I just wrapped up production of the musical Brigadoon in Freeport, Maine. I have loved this musical since I was in it in high school and jumped at the chance to direct it for the theater group I run. We pulled together a cast that included some of the best singers in the area, and put on a wonderful, mysterious show. I hope being in Brigadoon provides awesome lasting memories for the cast and crew, and know we touched the hearts of our audiences.

Toward the end of the run, I kept hearing one line from the show run over and over in my head: that the mystery of Brigadoon is a “well-organized miracle.” I have decided to carry that line with me as I head out next February to travel and write. I want to get everything as organized as possible – thinking through where I’m going and what I’ll need and won’t need in the car, to make order out of chaos so I use my time well. And I’m going to trust that along the route, I will encounter miracles that shape the direction I go and the words I write.

As much of a scientist as Einstein was, he believed in universal laws that shape the world and he recognized that there is a “subtle, intangible, and inexplicable” force that underlies everything. You feel that force at your core when you’re working on a creative project, like a theater piece. When you go deep inside yourself and find creative solutions that feel like they already exist. To carve a statue that’s waiting inside a block of marble. To discover a painting that already exists on a white piece of canvas. To bring a team of actors, this particular team of actors, onto a stage to create a moment.

I am humbled and honored when I channel the energy of the universe in my work. Without organization, this wouldn’t happen. And without a miracle, this wouldn’t happen.

My daughter, Sam, is getting married on Saturday. She wants wild-ish flowers at the wedding. This sunflower that was once a small seed will provide us with about 20 stunning blooms to help adorn the day. Aren’t weddings and flowers delicious miracles!

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