The Food Revolution Summit is coming right up!

If you’re not healthy, it’s hard to get organized. And what’s at the core of good health? Good food!

Every April, the Food Revolution Network holds a free online Summit with a mix of speakers talking about the latest in food health. That may sound dry, but I’ve listened for the past 5 years and the content is always insightful and helpful. The speakers are top-notch; many are doctors with new ideas about food-health. And it’s free – as long as you resist buying their “empowerment” package!

This year, the Summit runs from 4/27 to 5/5. It’s on three hours a day, from 11:00 am-2:00 pm EDT, but once you register, you have access to listen at any time of day for up to 24 hours after the speaker finishes. I find some speakers I totally connect with and others I click off so I don’t waste time on something that isn’t important to me. Nice!

There aren’t always”right” answers when it comes to food. The Summit gives you data and new ideas on ways to experiment with food to figure out what works best for you. Then your organized-self just has to make decisions and take action!

Here’s a link to register. Once you register, you can see the speaker line-up and set your schedule. I hope to “see” you this year at the Summit!

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