Out of a rut and onto a curious path

When you’re in a rut it’s a great idea to get off the path you’re on. You never know what cool thing is just around the corner. Or maybe your next great idea is hiding in front of you in plain sight. All it takes to find it is a little curiosity.

Here are a few ideas to jump-start your energy and get you onto a new, curious path.

  • The next time you’re out for a drive, pay attention to what you’re passing along the road. It’s amazing how many places we pass every day and never notice. Then make the next right and head down a road you don’t usually turn on. What did you find there?
  • Take a walk or bike ride rather than drive. You notice so much more when you slow down to take in the sights.
  • Look up a new restaurant and go there – soon – to eat.
  • When you find a new dish you like, look up recipes for it online and make it yourself. What was in that tasty dish that made it so good?
  • When you’re at the grocery store, don’t leave unless there’s at least one thing in your basket or bag that you’ve never purchased before.
  • Read something in a genre you don’t usually read.
  • When you’re reading, look up words you aren’t sure of. Practice them and use them. Watch to see if you can find them again.
  • When you’re out and about living your life, study the people around you. Strike up conversations with strangers. Ask questions and listen to the answers. You can learn so much from the stories people tell you. Finding great stories just needs a little time, attention, and boldness.
  • Take a trip. It doesn’t have to be long or expensive, but go somewhere you’ve never been before and thrill at all the confusion that ensues.
  • Listen to new music on a free station, like Pandora, or check out music at your local library. What’s a genre you swore you’d never listen to? Find some. Is it great? Or is it as bad as you thought it would be? Now you know!
  • Go shopping, even window shopping, for something texturey – like fabric. Or rocks. Touch things – smooth, rough, hot, cold.
  • If you need a shot of new ideas, check out TED.com, YouTube, podcast offerings, or check out an audio book at your library. Most libraries also offer digital books that you can download right to your home devices which gives you access to new info as you go about your day. There is so much to be learned and there are so many great ideas. Don’t feel you have to come up with new ideas all on your own. Others are here to help you!
  • Take a class. What’s something you’ve always want to know how to do?

Do you notice any similarities in these suggestions? All have something to do with your senses – new sights, sounds, tastes, and touches. That’s what engages you. That’s what draws you in. That’s what keeps your brain active and happy. It also makes the world seem both bigger and smaller.

Bigger = full of possibilities.

Smaller = you are connected to everything.

Being curious about the world around you is a great way to get engaged with life and stay engaged with life.

I’ll leave you with this beauty from a Rock and Mineral Show I attended last weekend. This mix of color and texture is a deep curiosity. Wishing you a curious and satisfying weekend! 🙂

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