The Power of Positive

In Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen writes about small steps she took each month to improve different aspects of happiness in her life.


Because research shows that happy people are more altruistic, more productive, more helpful, more likable, more creative, and more resilient. They’re more interested in others. They’re friendlier. And they’re healthier!

If there was a magic elixir to help you accomplish this, wouldn’t you be tempted? And wouldn’t you like to hang out with the happy people described above? So why not be in that group?

What’s cool about happiness is that it’s a step around DNA and circumstances – both of which you don’t have a lot of control over. Being happy is something you can choose as a habit. The goal isn’t to paste a smile on your face. It’s to accept things as they are, to be interested and engaged with them, and to make the best of what’s going on around you.

When you focus on something you don’t like, you’re already changing it by engaging with it in a new way. You have the power to be positive. To be helpful. To be kind. And to take action. Instead of complaining, how can you make things better?

“Happy people make better friends, colleagues, and citizens.”

This shot is from an art exhibit at Bowdoin college. I love getting messages from the 1500s. Thanks, Pierre. Namaste!

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