Making a small change

You know the theory that the air stirred by a butterfly’s wing can eventually cause a hurricane? Well, I would posit that making a tiny, simple change can lead to an avalanche of energy!

Test this out for me, would you?

Change one thing this week on your body from your shoulders up.
This could be a new hat. A haircut. New earrings. Add or don’t add make-up. Buy new shampoo. Shave off your mustache. Shoulders up – what’s one simple thing you can change?

Change one thing this week on your body between your shoulders and your waist.
This could be buying a new piece of clothing. Or tossing out old bras. Or getting a new belt, a scarf, or a ring… Maybe it’s a change to your posture! What’s one small thing you can do this week that will make you smile?

Change one thing this week on your body from the waist down.
This could be a new pair of workout shoes. Buying a fun pair of socks. Tossing out old yoga pants. Taking your legs out for a long walk. What’s been bugging you about your body from the waist down? And what’s one small change you can make to right that?

Change one thing this week in your kitchen.
Is it time to clean out the fridge? To add a plant to the windowsill? To clean out the bottom of the dishwasher? To buy a bright, new dish towel? To clean off the top of the stove? What can you change in your kitchen that will catch your eye this week?

Change one thing this week in your car.
Is your care in need of a vacuum? Is it time to wipe down the dash? To empty the trash? To get your car washed? What’s been riding around in the trunk for way too long? Cars are like an extension of our bodies. What about your car is begging for a quick fix this week?

Sometimes it’s hard prioritizing the big projects in your life. But when you take a baby step, you can feel the stir of a butterfly’s wing that may lead you to… who knows where!

The seeds of this post are inspired by the work of Julia Cameron.

Stay warm!

Sand art courtesy of the waves at Crescent Beach 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Making a small change

  1. Man! Have you been sliding through my kitchen, Janie? My fridge is SO in need of a good cleaning! And we won’t even talk about my car… altho the good news there is that most of the SFX stuff from RADIO is at least out of the back and back in the basement! Hoping that my one thing changed in my head will be that the Claritin-D de-pressures my sinuses! Thanks for lovely positive thoughts!


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