When you have a deep urge to try something…

Do you ever get the urge to do something but talk yourself out of it because you think you’ll be bad at it?

Or you won’t do something because someone told you that you’d be bad at it.

Or maybe you have a deep urge to do something, but last time you tried it you really were bad at it.

But you want to do it again. It’s come up a number of times… So do it!

If you think you’ll be bad at it…
Well, you never know until you try.

If it’s something that needs extra learning, you have options:

  • Sign up for a class.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Head to the library and find a book on it.
  • Do a search online to find out more about what you want to do
  • Find other people who are doing what you want to do and see if you can meet them to talk.

When you have a thought knocking around in your head it’s there for a reason. And it’s a waste of time to keep thinking about it without taking action! So… make time in your planner this week to take a baby action step. And remember that good work takes time. You know that. Give yourself the luxury of time to learn.

Now, what about things you won’t do because someone in your past told you that you were bad at it?
It’s time to re-assess.

For instance, I’m a terrible speller and when I was growing up a number of teachers told me I couldn’t write. But I love to write! It took a lot of focus to get past what I’d been told, to find the stories that were in me, and to get them onto paper – even with spelling errors!

It’s also possible that you didn’t click with a skill because of the way it was taught. If you have an urge to paint and your high school art teacher told you that you lacked talent, try another teacher. People learn in all sorts of ways and teachers are much more aware of that now. Maybe you work best when you are hands-on with a project. Or maybe you learn better by hearing. Or by reading and writing about a new skill.

You still have time to go after that dream. And you have choices about how you learn and who teaches you.

If you’ve tried something in the past, failed miserably, but still have an urge to do it, do it!
Every effort doesn’t have to be a success. If you’re kind to yourself, and you always want to be kind to yourself, then give yourself a pep talk and try again until you can laugh and say, “This will honestly never work.” And then stop thinking about it. We can’t all be good at everything.

OR maybe this is the time you figure it out!

When you follow your intuition, you can go to an incredible number of places. Where does your intuition want to take you this week?

I loved this idea from our local TEDx conference last week – make a sticky note board of ideas. How about making a board like this with all the things you’d like to try, then peel one off each month? The one I peeled off the wall at TEDx was “Goof off for one hour.” I’ll let you know when I get to that. I have until the end of November 🙂



One thought on “When you have a deep urge to try something…

  1. “It’s also possible that you didn’t click with a skill because of the way it was taught.”
    AMEN AND AMEN! And this happens more often than we think. I suffered – and I do mean SUFFERED – through a fairly basic math class freshman year of college. Literally for the last 2 weeks, the prof took sick and the head of the department came in to teach the rest of the semester… and there it was! Dawn breaking over Marble Head! It was nearly a religious experience, to have beaten myself up for months and then realize – oh hey wait a minute! It’s not me!
    Ring them bells, Janie! xoxo

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