Embrace the facts – and move on

Do you ever have these types of thoughts run through your head?

  • What if there’s traffic and I’m late?
  • Will my flight be on time and will I make my connection?
  • I want to talk to the new person at work, but what if they don’t want to talk to me?
  • What if my kid picks a career path I don’t like?
  • What if it rains tomorrow?

You don’t have control over any of these things and worrying about them stresses you out, it steals your time and energy – and nothing changes!

Try instead to focus on things you can control. What could you do in the above scenarios?

  • Plan to leave the house a little earlier in case there’s traffic – don’t stop to do “one more thing” as you head out the door! If you do get stuck in traffic, have something interesting to listen to in the car, like a podcast or audio CD. Then at least you’re learning something interesting as you wait. And if you’re meeting someone, call if you’re running late. People understand – unless you do it all the time.
  • Get to the airport on time, pack light so you can move quickly, and make sure you have your documents in order. Then have fun. And don’t forget to look out the window. You’re flying!
  • Approach new people in an open way, ask great questions, and be a terrific listener – and people will always want to talk with you.
  • Support your kid no matter what they choose to do for work. It’s their life, not yours.
  • If it rains, take a raincoat – or make alternative plans.

You are more productive and more effective in your work and in your life when you accept the facts as they are, make your decisions based on the facts, and focus your energy only on things you can change.

Here’s a great graphic from Eric Barker at BarkingUpTheWrongTree.

Deal with the facts

The trick is to isolate things that bug you, and then decide if you have any control over the problem. If you don’t, let it go. If you do, take action. Action beats worrying every time.

Sending you the peace of Organizational Zen.

organizational zen


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