The Food Revolution Summit starts on 4-28!

Every spring for the past 7 years, the folks at the Food Revolution Network have presented a free 8-day Summit that’s completely accessible on-line. I have learned so much at past Summits and highly recommend this as a great use of your time. When you’re healthy and feeling good, it’s easier to stay focused and get organized!

The Food Revolution Summit runs from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST from 4/28-5/6. When you sign up, you get a daily link via email to “attend.” If you can’t tune in when the presentation is live, you have up to 24 hours afterward to listen for free. The Network will try to tempt you throughout to buy all the sessions to share with your friends. Unless you decide to be an evangelist about food, you don’t need to do that. Just listen when you can and learn, learn, learn.

This year’s presentations by a range of doctors and food specialists focus on a mix of food-related topics including super foods to charge your health, ways to prevent dementia with food, foods that help prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, sensible ways to lose and sustain weight loss, the status of GMOs, and lots more. I never catch all of the talks but I enjoy and learn from everything I make the time to listen to.

Here’s a link if you’d like to sign up. Then let’s chat! There is so much going on with food these days and isn’t it awesome that we’re all paying more attention to what we eat.

Happy Patriot’s Day from soggy, wind-whipped Maine. The wood stove is blazing. While cold up here, it is kind of pretty 🙂

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