What are you leaving at the door?

“We all want to belong and to love each other.”
~ The Rev. angel Kyodo williams

The Rev. angel Kyodo williams was one of my favorite speakers at the Good Life Project camp a few weeks back. Thoughts from her talk continue to roll around in my head.

Most of us give up something in order to belong. We dress a certain way. We speak a certain way – and don’t speak a certain way. We don’t want to offend anyone and we don’t want to make anyone angry. It’s all really civilized but it isn’t always real.

What would it be like if when you entered a room, you brought in your whole self? What if you brought everything in with you?

The less you define yourself by type, gender, race, profession, and nationality, the more openings you have to try new things and to share what you’re really thinking and feeling. And the looser you define yourself, the easier it is to fit all of your disparate parts together. If you define yourself by how others see you, or how you were raised, doesn’t that put a silly cap on things?

The more you show up as you, the more you develop honest friendships. And the stronger your connection is with yourself, the stronger your connection is with others.

Thanks, Rev. angel, for giving us this to ponder. What are you leaving at the door?

Sending you warm energy from Maine. Sunrise. Sunset.

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2 thoughts on “What are you leaving at the door?

  1. Allowing your genuine self to come out… a bit scary sometimes, isn’t it? Crossing over to the wild side, running one’s stick along the public railing and learning to spit? s;) Thanks, Janie. Good stuff!


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