What if your life were theater?

If your life was a play, is it something you’d go see?

  • What’s your story?
  • Is the plot line interesting with a number of surprise twists?
  • Is your life a drama? A comedy? Is it musical theater?
  • Are there interesting characters in your life story?
  • How’s the pace – are things moving right along?
  • Is there a beginning, a middle, and an anticipated end?
  • What will the audience walk away with at the end of your show?

If your life were a play, would you live it differently than you are now?

Organizational Zen is about crafting a story for your life that you love and are proud of. It’s figuring out what you want to get done, and creating space to make that happen. We all have 24 hours a day to sleep, eat, work, and play. Knowing what you want to get done helps you focus and prioritize how you spend your time.

You are the audience for your life. How do you want to craft your story?

Sending you a whoosh of organizational love on a cool, fall morning along the coast of Maine.

Organizational energy


2 thoughts on “What if your life were theater?

  1. Wish I lived closer….would love to hear one of your chats….

    Like this post…we are all refining our uniqueness :)….and hopefully, making a good story….

    Love and good luck tonight,



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