Is it time for an organizational change?

If you’re feeling disorganized, it may be that you need to get organized. OR it may be time to make changes in your life. Just like you can’t reorganize a room or house until you declutter, you can’t get organized if you have too much junk floating around in your head.

Here are some signs you need more than an organizational fix:

  • You find yourself complaining about everything – people, food, tasks – everything
  • You go from one project to the next without taking a break and find that you don’t particularly love anything you do
  • You dread going to work; you hate Mondays
  • You dread going home; you hate nights and weekends
  • You’re not sleeping or you’re sleeping too much
  • You’re not eating or you’re eating too much
  • You have unexplained pains and weakness in your body
  • You feel disconnected and forgetful

unhappy face

Does any of this resonate? You can’t organize yourself out of this but you can address this in an organized way. It’s time to take a break, face yourself in the mirror, and ask: “How are you doing?”

Now make a list:

  • How’s the balance in your life? Are you spending time on the things you value most?
  • How’s work? Are you loving what you’re doing? Does it bring you joy and lift your energy?
  • How’s your home life?
  • What are you doing for fun?
  • What are you doing to relax?
  • How’s your health? Do you get outside every day? Are you eating great food? Do you even know what you are eating?
  • When you visualize the different aspects of your life do you feel your energy go up? Or drop down?

Give yourself time to think as you come up with the answers because these aren’t easy questions. Only you know what’s bugging you, and only you know what’s working and what isn’t working. Be honest. Meditate on a question if an answer doesn’t pop up for you. How are you doing?

Now look at your list and pick one thing to stop doing that isn’t bringing you joy. It’s risky saying “no” if you’re used to saying yes, but if something isn’t working, stop doing it.

Now pick one thing on the list that you’ve said “no” to and try saying “yes”. If you can only see draining things in your life and can’t figure out what you want to say “yes” to, ask friends or family members you trust and who know you well what they would recommend for you. Then ponder their advice. Is it something you want to do? Does it excite you? Is it scary but intriguing?

Give yourself a month to say “no” more – and to say “yes” more.

Take control of your time and your life. Make deliberate choices about how you spend your time. Life is short. Don’t waste time!



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