Making space between projects

Going task-to-task can leave you feeling like a hamster on a wheel!

That’s not a great way to get good work done.

I love the idea of getting off the wheel and making space between projects. It’s great to be organized. And it’s great to get a lot done. AND it’s important to take a break – especially between big projects. When you finish a big project, clean up your workspace. Reflect on the work you did. Take a breath. Take two breaths.

And how about celebrating by throwing yourself a dinner party?

When’s the last time you took yourself out on a date to a museum, or a show, or a ball game?

Where do you love to hang out that really resonates with who you are?

What can you do that’s really relaxing?

Or how about just goofing off for a while and doing nothing big?

Then when you’re ready, pull out the wheel, get organized, and start again.

When I take a break, I’m looking for art, gardens, travel, or the beach. How about you?

IMG_4544 IMG_0573 DSE_4774 IMG_2326


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