Bird by bird

I have a lot going on that’s pushing me to the limits of my organizational skills. I got divorced in December, we’re selling the house this month, and I moved my stuff out last weekend to store it at my daughter’s house while I travel through next October. Oh, and I quit my job. Things that have been in place for a long time are very much out of place and I feel chaos looming around every corner.

Then, at a Songwriting Workshop last week, our leader Jud Caswell, talked about taking small steps to get started on something new, and mentioned Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird. The title comes from a time when Anne’s brother was procrastinating writing a big report on birds. The dad’s advice was to go bird by bird. And finally the report was done.

I always learn something cool from Jud that doesn’t necessarily have to do with music. This week, as I packed and moved and packed and moved, I periodically reminded myself: “Bird by bird.” There are no small steps when you make the leap to get divorced, leave a job, sell a house, or head off on a big adventure. But small steps get you moving to the next place. Small steps help you focus on the next task at hand. And there’s a wonderful calm seeing just a short way away ahead.

The move isn’t done but I only have a few songbirds left to take care of before I leave town. My daughter is a gracious host, my temporary digs are delightful, and my cats are settling in.

Now, of course, I’m reading Anne Lamott’s book. Another guide appears with advice for writing and for life. Isn’t it wonderful how that happens?

Best wishes to you with whatever you are working on – at home or at work. And remember that when big is hard, go bird by bird. 🙂

A friend is traveling out west and took this photo near San Francisco. What an amazing and beautiful world we live in.

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3 thoughts on “Bird by bird

  1. As an old pal used to tell me, “Stay gold!” (Amazing photo, BTW)
    I’m so looking forward to hearing you with the rest of the LADIES OF FLAME in — YIKES! — A COUPLE WEEKS! xoSam


  2. Even with all that you have gone through and are going through you do an amazing job of writing your blogs and having a positive attitude and pointers to help yourself and others! You are an amazing person and I wish you nothing but the best! XO


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