I know that title looks like a typo, but I was inspired this weekend by a sign promoting joining an art gallery: Belong.

That got me thinking about a bunch of great “Be” words that could help define your work this week: beloved, beautiful, benevolent, beginning, believe, become…

Or why not go with the verb?

  • Be loved
  • Be special
  • Be unique
  • Be yourself
  • Be happy

Or just “be.” Exist. Be present. Occupy a position in space. Attend.

Can you find work this week that will allow you to breathe in the space around you and just “Be?”

Sending you summer happiness after a weekend spent outside at the Boothbay Botanical Gardens, and in art galleries in Rockland. What was the coolest art this weekend? A moth caterpillar. His “be” is to eat – and then grow wings 🙂

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