Little pops of energy

If you’re feeling out of sorts and a big project is too much to focus on, try fixing a small thing to boost your energy.

Here are a few energy boosters that work for me:

  • Watering my plants and little seedlings, checking their soil and trimming off any dead leaves or wilted flowers.
  • Cleaning off a tabletop.
  • Cleaning out a cabinet.
  • Moving a throw rug to a new place.
  • Getting rid of a chipped dish.
  • Making something pretty out of something functional.
  • Moving a chair, table, or plant stand that blocks a view.
  • Making my bed.
  • Sitting quietly with a cat on my lap.
  • Calling my mom or one of my girls.
  • Taking a hot bath.
  • Doing a short meditation.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep and starting fresh the next day.

Each of these takes focus but doesn’t take a lot of time or energy. We can’t always be productive and when you’re feeling a little off it’s important to note that, accept it, take a big breath, and be ready to surge again when your body tells you it’s time.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

We had a plain old piece of plywood we were using as a dog gate to give the cats some upstairs privacy from Miss Grace. I decided to pretty it up, and the gate is now blooming quite nicely 🙂

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