Running errands efficiently

Tightening up on small tasks during the day saves time and helps keep your head clear when you’re super busy.

For example, if you have errands to run that don’t have specific deadlines, pairing them up to run them as a group saves time and energy – both yours and gas in the car.

Here’s a quick organizational exercise to help you run errands more efficiently. 

  • Keep a running “out” list of errands you need to run; try to avoid running errands one at a time.
  • When you have two, three or more errands, look at your calendar for the week. Is there an appointment somewhere near an errand stop? If so, that’s the day to run an errand loop.
  • Look at the places you need to go and decide on the most efficient order. Try to make a circle with no zig zags or looping back.
  • Plan to run the errands when you know traffic will be lightest.
  • Check working hours if you are in doubt for any of your stops.
  • Keep a pad of paper handy in the car. If you get stuck in traffic, use the time to brainstorm ideas for your next big project!
  • BONUS use of time in the car: Listen to audio books while you drive. Audio books are a great way to learn something new – or have a novel read to you. Audio books are expensive to buy, but most libraries have a huge selection and having a class to listen to or having someone read you a story makes driving much more fun and productive.

How’s your week looking? Can you save time this week by tackling a task in a new way? Remember: Putting a toe in the water can be the start of discovering a whole new way to swim 🙂

Sending you organizational love.


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