Finding the joy in your life

When you feel joyous about what you’re doing for work or play you add to the positive energy of the earth. You’re more fun to be around. And you do better work!

Think back on what you did both physically and mentally last week.

  • Did you work on anything that fully engaged you, where you felt completely involved with what you were doing and weren’t necessarily thinking ahead to any specific outcome?
  • Did you feel intensely interested in something you were doing?
  • Did you feel excited, or even euphoric?
  • Did you feel a great inner clarity knowing what to do and how to do it?
  • Did you feel calm and at peace?
  • Did you feel time slip away from you in a good way?
  • Did you have fun?

Make a list of anything that was joyous.

Then jot down times last week where you felt bored, tired, distracted, unhappy, disengaged, and/or restless, where you were working in a rote way and were not engaged with what you were doing.

Look at the two lists. How do they compare for length? Do you see any patterns?

My joyous time includes any time I spend in the theater – acting, directing, or just watching a show. I also get lost in meditation, writing and songwriting, and reading books. I love heading off on a trip. And weirdly, I love coming up with organizational solutions to complex problems! When I look for patterns, I see that I love stories in any form. I love being quiet and creative. And I love working with groups of creative people, figuring out puzzles, and adding structure to chaos at home, work, or on the road.

Draining time for me includes being in situations where I have disingenuous conversations (think work and cocktail parties!). I have trouble being around a mess. Meetings kill me. And I feel drained when I spend too much time reading the newspaper or reading Facebook posts where I’m taking in data that doesn’t really matter to me. TV used to drain me until I cut it!

Taking time to think through a puzzle like this helps you recognize and make note of the joy that already exists in your life. And if you can find a pattern, you have a great clue for finding more joy in new activities you choose to do at home and at work. Having a list of stuff that drains you also helps you understand better if you aren’t feeling well. And if you can cut out a few draining tasks… Yay!

Namaste = I honor the greatness in you – and the joy in you. Bring on the joy!

The peonies are blooming this week in Maine = visual joy 🙂

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