“Never take chaos personally”

If you’re a planner, like me, you like linear patterns. If you do A, B happens. If you get a good education, you’ll get a good job. If you eat good food and exercise, you’ll be healthy. If you do work you’re called to, you’ll be successful. Life is logical and fair.

Except when it isn’t.

The Universe actually prefers chaos to straight lines. How many straight lines do you see in nature?! You tidy up; things get messy. Sidewalks crack. People age. The most natural thing on earth is that things we build up break down.

Accepting that chaos is the norm doesn’t mean you don’t try to put your life in order. It just means that you accept that you have to flow around the stuff you didn’t plan.

Accepting that chaos is the norm means you aren’t startled when things don’t work out exactly as you planned.

Accepting chaos as the norm brings a Zen feeling that things are happening the way they’re supposed to happen – and you are just along for the ride. Then you can smile and watch in amazement as your energy flows in a new direction.

As the Buddhist’s say, never take chaos personally :).

I’ll leave you today with a chaotic kitten update! Shirley’s shelter-cat brood will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

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One thought on ““Never take chaos personally”

  1. FALL BACK 20 AND PUNT! Especially true of late, Janie. ‘Tis a world gone mad…
    But I gotta tell you, that little kitty face made my night, and I’m not even a cat person!

    Liked by 1 person

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